How to choose a contractor ?

After finalizing the plan with the Architect, he will provide you with an estimate. The subsequent step is to select a Contractor with the Architect’s help. What does a Contractor do? What are his duties and duties? How do you pick the right Contractor? In this post, as an Architect, I will proportion a few guidelines on deciding on the proper Contractor.


A Contractor is described as someone who contracts, bids, negotiates a price, offers to construct, supervises, oversees, schedules, directs, alters, repairs, installs, improves, moves, demolishes, furnishes, labors, etc. There are diverse varieties of Contractors including building (residential and commercial); electrical; plumbing; mechanical; etc.


Construction – A Building Contractor is chargeable for the development/execution of the project in accordance with the Contract files which generally encompass the Contract agreement, budget, the plans and specification of the task that are organized via an Architect.

Understand plans: The Contractor examines and interprets the plans. Accordingly, he charges for the challenge.

Arrange sanction plans: He arranges for the drawing of plans according to building regulations if the Architect does no longer include it in his scope of paintings. He additionally arranges for the submission of plans to local government for approval and inspections of building work.

Calculate quantities of materials: required for building projects and rder those from building suppliers or market it for tenders.

Supplying of Labour, Materials, Equipment etc. – A Building Contractor is liable for presenting material, labour, equipment, (engineering cars and tools) and services vital for the development of the venture. He arranges delivery instances of substances to coincide with various tiers of the building process

Maintains a creation labour force: The Building Contractor generally retains a production labour force.

Subcontracts: The Contractor usually subcontracts part of the paintings to other men and women and organizations that specialize in those forms of paintings. These Subcontractors put up the foundation, walls, roof, electric and plumbing systems, supply the labour etc.

Supervises the work of Subcontractors to make sure buildings are of an acceptable widespread and are proceeding consistent with schedule.

Office staff: He also keeps an workplace workforce involved in the education of bills and charge of accounts.

Undertake a number of the constructing work in my view and he is going to site everyday to ensure the entirety is going in line with schedule.


From the above summary, it’s far clean that a Contractor’s paintings is mostly outside and demands the following:

  • Dust: Working in dusty or polluted environment.
  • Hands-on: Full use of hands/fingers.
  • Manual paintings: Heavy lifting and bodily effort.
  • Out within the Sun: Mainly out of doors paintings.
  • Standing: for long periods.
  • Mathematical ability: for making ready payments, calculating portions.

Ideally appearance out for a Contractor who is a civil engineer or executed a diploma in civil engineering.

A Building Contractor need to have the subsequent traits if you want to make a mark:

  • Good verbal exchange skills.
  • Management and leadership skills.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Technical aptitude.


Choosing a Contractor: is an essential step inside the technique of House Construction. The right Contractor will provide you with a comfortable, well completed home whereas the incorrect one will provide you with hassle through the length of production, will slow down the paintings and every now and then will walk out of the challenge before completion. While selecting a Contractor, I recommend you undergo the Architect, because they already share a working relationship and the Contractor is answerable to the Architect. So he will not take you for a ride.

Architect’s recommendation: The Architect will generally endorse 2 or three Contractors, whom he feels will in shape your temperament, price range and mission. The Architect will then invite the Contractors to cite for your project. Based on the quote this is closest to his estimate, the Architect will recommend a particular Contractor. However, the final choice is yours and also you should choose the Contractor whom you feel, instinctively will do justice to your project and with whom you will get along.

Friend’s suggestions: Very often, Clients have come to me with Contractors suggested by way of their buddies or family. This is also a good choice because the Contractors will sense answerable since they’re encouraged via a known person. But even then make a historical past check, ensure that they supply as promised and are willing to accurate any mistakes or conform to changes.

Client performing as a Contractor: Occasionally the Client commissioning the construction of the constructing, chooses to act because the Contractor. In such cases, he works without delay with diverse Subcontractors and takes on all liability for correct sequencing of the paintings, and handling the realities of creation. However, more times than no longer, the dangers a long way outweigh the capability praise of saving the Contractor’s profit even if things cross perfectly. Owners considering this method should preserve in mind that Contractors make a living, working with recognized Subcontractors. An set up Contractor will have hooked up relationships in order to live longer than one construction mission and the Subcontractors will well known this with their cooperation while the consumer seldom has this advantage as most Subcontractors will understand the danger of running with a one time consumer with better bids. Also the Owner is likely to be cheated at the best of constructing materials and merchandise as he isn’t an expert in it.

The purchaser, Architect and Building Contractor work intently together to meet time limits and budget. The Building Contractor works with his team of Subcontractors and laborers to ensure nice standards and make sure that the task is completed inside the particular time and price range. The next step is the begin of construction.

Once the contractor has been selected, you could really start the construction. But it’s miles highly advocated that you carry out some rituals before the start of production such as Bhoomi Pooja.

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