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In this era of inflation, small house designs are relatively becoming a center for attraction for affordable housing. Small homes fit best in budget and are also easy to maintain. Interior design in such small homes then becomes essential to improve the visual arena and make small spaces appear large. Design ideas can be adopted to enhance the quality spaces in small homes and increase the storage and movement area.

Minimum furniture with maximum storage

Using few large furniture objects with no offsets in a small room is better than using too many small pieces of furniture. Clear finishing lines make a rooms appear larger. Too many tiny furniture items seem to act like clutter and make room appear even smaller. The large furniture items can be used with built in storage capacity. Sofa and beds with a facility of storage below the seating provide extra space for storage which is lacking in small homes.

Staggered and foldable furniture

Staggered tables and chairs save a lot of space and provide effective are for free movement. These furniture are designed in such a way that they are not only useful but also add to the aesthetics of the space. In addition to stacked furniture, foldable furniture also save a lot of space. They can be stored within a small space and can be opened up when required.

Multi-functional furniture

Using side platform in such a way that it acts as a small dining table can eliminate the additional requirement of a huge dining table with chairs. Sofa cum bed or walled bed can be used which further enlarge the space. A shelved door can be used which not only acts as a door but also has shelves for storage.

Narrow shelves

Small walled shelves act as a good option in order to place items especially in bathroom and kitchen. These shelves make use of blank walls while making them functional and add to the look of space too. Transparent shelves usually give a lighter feel rather than solid shelves.

Mirrored wardrobes

Wardrobe doors with attached mirror can be used instead of adding a dressing table in the room. This will save space and also give more blank walls for different usage. Moreover, mirrored wardrobe also reflect light and make the space look brighter.

Lighter color scheme

Light pastel colors are best for small rooms. These colors reflect light and make the small space look enlarged. Dark colors should be avoided as the make space look dull and small.

Proper use of corners

Corner tables and full length shelves can be used to make use of the small corners. These help in utilizing the dead spaces which are of no use otherwise.

Overhead cabinets

Creating small cupboards over head in the space above the lintel increases the overall storage. These can be used to store things which are not required daily.

Utilize space below staircase

The space below the staircase is dead and unused. Instead it can be converted closed wardrobe or drawers and lots of things can stored in it.

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